Country Smooth Spirits is proud to announce that our Small Batch Bourbon has won gold at the 2021 PR%F Awards. This spirits competition is a bling tasting event held by Proof Magazine.


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PR%F Awards 2021 Masked & Unmasked
One price, two competitions

The largest tasting competition in the nation where all of the judges are buyers.

The distinguished PR%F Awards 2021 competition is powered by Food and Beverage Magazine and Delta Sky Club® – Our spirits/wine/beverage competition is designed to bring your brand right in front of buyers.  ALL of our judges, coming from various areas across the US, are all mainstream buyers, distributors, online retailers, on and off premise owners, directors, bar and restaurant buyers, nightclub and hotel/resort and hospitality beverage decision makers. Our judges have the power and knowledge to bring your brand out of a warehouse and onto shelves and into the hands of consumers.